A Camaro Themed Wedding!


Madeleine & James heard about me through a family friend whom I had shot two years in a row for their family portraits. After email exchanges, we met at a Jack Astor to chill and talk details back in March. They were both pretty cool folks and a great fit. Together, we went through the day and I got a better idea of how they had planned the start-to-finish with the help of Erin, our energetic wedding planner. The theme for the wedding was Camaro, whose love James keeps close to the heart and Madeleine got into as well after meeting him! With lots of amazing and unique shots to be had with the theme at hand in my mind, we all hoped April 14th was going to be pleasantly warm. Not all wishes are meant to come true though. 😉


It turned out that Boreas (the Greek god of North wind and winter) had something entirely different in store for us. I arrived at Madeleine’s around 11:20am having survived the early stages of a big hailstorm underway. The weather was menacing and dropping in temperature gradually. Many had already swapped out their winter tires with spring ones in anticipation of a warm spring so accidents were taking place at an unusual rate. Indoors, we were all safe!



I ubered to the guy’s location at the Waterside Inn. The roads were slippery so the ride took almost twice as slow and as long but I got there in time. Time was running down and we had to quickly move to the church for the ceremony. After the indoors images, we were thinking of doing some outside but the wind and rain was a bit too much, so we skipped that.


The reception took place at St Christoper Church which is a big and beautiful church, perfect for architectural shots. There was a loft which I put to good use for an overhead shot of the congregation.


The Credit Valley Golf and Country Club was our final destination to get the party started. On the roster, we originally had various stunning locations for our bridal photoshoot but the weather was dictating otherwise. Before barging into the hall for warmth and shelter, I managed to take some quick photos of the lovely couple with the Ontario Camaro Club. Wearing dress shoes on an ice-clad slippery road while carrying 2 cameras was not exactly the easiest thing to do as I twisted my body to find the right angle. Under my breath, I was swearing at the sky and praying I was not going to trip and fall. I came out unscathed at the end.

My name is Mostafa and I Shoot People (for a small fee)!