New Jersey Love Blooms in Ontario!

New Jersey Love Blooms in Ontario! Prelude Surprise proposal puts immense pressure on the proposing party, and to a smaller degree me! There are so many things that need to be thought out way in advance: timing, location, attitude, attire, angle, cue, weather, Plan A, Plan B etc. etc. It all happens within a

New Jersey Love Blooms in Ontario!2018-03-25T19:36:24-04:00

Bianca and Daniel’s Engagement

Bianca and Daniel’s Engagement! Toronto Centre Island has to be the equally perfect place for picnics and proposals! What happens if we combine both initiatives? Awesomeness ensues with a bit of surprising interventionism from: BIRDS! As the lovely couple laid out their

Bianca and Daniel’s Engagement2018-02-15T22:06:42-05:00
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