Bianca and Daniel’s Engagement!

Toronto Centre Island has to be the equally perfect place for picnics and proposals! What happens if we combine both initiatives? Awesomeness ensues with a bit of surprising interventionism from: BIRDS!

As the lovely couple laid out their beautiful Mexican picnic ground table, seagulls swooped down in hope of easy prey: grapes, cheeses, cakes, sandwiches and strawberries. So I’d say their aspirations were deeply grounded! It was a challenge to shoot while the BIRDS had established their foothold in the battlefield. Only for the next opponent to perambulate: a single-handed cute duck which put everyone (including myself!) to shame for its utter persistence and total lack of understanding human commands!

Love is in the air…

As the hours rolled in, the sun went down raining a golden glow on the Toronto cityscape on the horizon. What would that mean? Time for the bubbly! Despite my premonition, Daniel clearly underestimated the power of that enigmatic pop. Hence the expression on his face 😀

 Felicitări Bianca! Mazel tov Daniel!

My name is Mostafa and I Shoot People (for a small fee)!

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