Chris’s Surprise Proposal to Farah

The Preparation!

Chris found my ad on Kijiji and thought out of all the advertisers there, the one with the motto: “I Shoot People (for a small fee)” is worth talking to! We spoke on the phone to start scheming how the proposal was going to unravel, where, when etc. Chris had painted a big heart with “Chris & Farah” written in it on a tree near the water and that was the place he’d want to propose to Farah. That selfie was my cue! Chris was ready to propose!

Couples that have the experience of shooting with me know that I rarely give directions, except for mischief 😉 for photographic purposes! I believe the natural chemistry between a couple is so strong and given the right vibe, it blooms organically to create natural poses that truly show what each individual is made of and how they complete each other as a whole! Compare that to sticking to the old school ‘posing’ techniques that, in my opinion, make the couple feel awkward and robotic if not downright uncomfortable!

How complete would a surprise proposal be without a bubbly? Very far from one I like to suggest! But Chris had that worked out prior!


My name is Mostafa and I Shoot People (for a small fee)!