Make Portrait Photography Great Again 😉

Portrait photography is quite intriguing. I always try to connect to people on a personal level instantly. If I’m shooting a headshot of say 10 people in a row, I go to them introduce myself and ask for their name. I remember names easily! That’s an asset because you impart to your subject that they matter individually, that you are happy to spend time (however little) with them, that you’re there to make that moment worthwhile. I often get asked: Why is it that a portrait I take is comfortably relatable? After all, hundreds of my headshots have been used on social media, websites, LinkedIn etc. over the past 5 years. I have a little theory of my own!

Most People Don’t Know How They Actually Look!

I suppose most people do not actually know how they look. They may look at themselves in the mirror everyday but not quite see who they are, what emotions they communicate facially or through body language. As a photographer on a portrait shoot, I am always so energetic. You can’t believe how that supercharge of spirit literally lifts up the whole experience to an unforgettable level. Of course, I have 2 secret weapons of choice!

For one, most people do not suspect that I, an innocent looking photographer, might be able to speak their language to varying degrees from fluency to the basics: Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Portuguese, French, Swedish Russian, Dutch, the list goes on! Second, my most effective trick is a bit or a lot of totally inappropriate verbal mischief in jest! Due to its complete unexpectedness, it quickly breaks the bold barrier hanging between my subjects and me. They crack a smile or just burst to laughter and I get my image: it’s that simple!

“Wow, I like that picture!” That’s when you know you have a hit and I have been there countless times. To view more, click here.

My name is Mostafa and I Shoot People (for a small fee)!

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