10 Surprise Proposal Spots in Toronto

10 Surprise Proposal Spots in Toronto Picking an excellent spot for your surprise proposal can be tricky! After all, you want those precious, unforgettable moments to be captured beautifully to cherish forever. As a general rule, choose a location that’s easy to reach, is elegant and meaningful to

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5 Tips to Choose a Wedding Photographer!

5 Tips to Choose a Wedding Photographer! Choosing the right wedding photographer is an important decision that can greatly impact the memories of your Big Day as well as the quality of the photos you hope to cherish forever. Throughout the years, I have heard countless horror stories

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A Camaro Theme Wedding!

A Camaro Themed Wedding! Prelude Madeleine & James heard about me through a family friend whom I had shot two years in a row for their family portraits. After email exchanges, we met at a Jack Astor to chill and talk details back in March. They were both pretty cool folks and a great

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Make Portrait Photography Great Again!

Make Portrait Photography Great Again ;) Portrait photography is quite intriguing. I always try to connect to people on a personal level instantly. If I'm shooting a headshot of say 10 people in a row, I go to them introduce myself and ask for their name. I remember names easily! That's an asset because

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